Services to Help You Succeed

As a Motivation and Energy Coach, I offer a range of services, all geared to helping you to design, create and enjoy an amazing quality of life!

Motivation Therapy and Coaching

Through NLP and Motivation Interviewing techniques, we will work together to achieve the desired results and outcomes for your health goals.


Have you already tried counselling, therapy or coaching with little or no success?  Hypnotherapy is often the only way that clients finally manage to overcome an addiction or health-related problem.  I carry out one-to-one hypnotherapy sessions in the client’s home, or online through a video conferencing service such as Skype.  Furthermore, I can record customised hypnotherapy sessions as a personal download if you would prefer.

Exercise to Music Classes

I will be offering exercise classes for older women in a number of venues in West Lothian from January 2018.