Preparing to Publish – 7 Tips to Format Your Book

Preparing to Publish Your Book

I would suggest that you format your book as you write it. That way, you will have a very good idea of how many pages you have written, and how many words will be required for each chapter. You want it to be laid out professionally, so please follow my suggestions.

Here are my 7 top tips to format your book as you write it!

1) Decide on the dimensions of your book. By that I mean the length and width of it. The thickness of course, will depend on how many pages are in your book.

2) Opt for a popular size. As you can imagine, there are plenty of sizes to choose from. I would suggest 6″ by 9″, which is ideal for a book of around 100 pages.

3) Use the Page Setup facility in your writing document to set the size of the page to 6″ by 9″.

4) Because you are writing a book, select the option to use mirror margins. Here are suggestions for the margins. Set the top and bottom to 0.75″ and both the inside and outside margins to 0.5″. The gutter should be set to 0.35″.

5) In respect of the font and font size, I suggest you use Garamond 11. For sub-headings, use a slightly larger font in bold to make it stand out. For chapter headings, you should use a very much larger font, and I suggest Garamond 24.

6) For the first paragraph of each chapter, use a large dropped capital for the first letter. This certainly adds quite a bit of professionalism to the finished layout! For all subsequent paragraphs, ensure that the first line has an indent of 1″.

7) When you start a new chapter, have the chapter title sit approximately half way down the page. In my opinion, this makes the chapter title really stand out, and it is clear when a new chapter has begun.

By using these suggestions, you will find that it won’t take long to fill up the pages in your book! By formatting the book as you write, it not only allows you to see your progress, but also avoids the tedious task of formatting the book once it has been written.


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