Do Something For Somebody Today!

do something for somebody

One sure way of making certain that you feel good is to help others to feel good. ┬áMake up your mind that you’ll offer to help someone in some way today. ┬áThink of ways that you can help others to ensure that they have a good day.

When you go out, decide that you’ll do something for somebody. Once you have stated your intention, you’ll find that many opportunities to help others will present themselves to you.

These will most likely manifest themselves in small ways. Opportunities will arise that will take you only a minute or two to do, but your actions will make an impression long after the act is done. Remember that is often the small acts of kindness that will make the biggest difference to you and others.

What about that mother with her children? Would she benefit from you holding a door open for her? It takes less than a minute to hold a door open for someone, but this may make a real difference to that person. By spending a short time helping, you will foster a much more positive attitude in yourself and in those that receive your help.

Helping someone does not need to take much physical effort. You will find plenty of opportunities where you don’t even need to lift a finger!

Giving a smile and compliment does not take any physical effort, yet they really do go a very long way in helping others to feel more positive!

Do something for somebody today. The effort needed will be tiny compared to the wonderful benefits that both you and others will get from your actions!


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