Develop a More Positive Attitude by Looking at the Beauty Around You

Look at the Beauty Around You Jan Malloch

Everyone seems to be in such a rush going here and there. Slow down. This world is an amazing place! Look around you. Whether you are looking at trees, flowers, people or buildings, all of these have been created.

Take in the sights, listen to all of the wonderful sounds, and feel the warm sun or wind on your face.

Instead of taking everything you see for granted, take some time to really look, think and become more curious about everything around you!

Be amazed at all of the vibrant colors you see. Why are there so many colors? What if everything was just black and white?

Be amazed at the sheer height of buildings, and wonder how people managed to construct them. When were they built, and how long did it take?

Be amazed at the shapes of the flowers you see in the park. Look closely at the petals and leaves. Notice how perfectly formed they are. Why is this particular flower pink, yet the one over there is yellow?

Look up at the sky. Beyond the clouds, you can see the sun. At night, we see the moon and the stars. These objects are so far away, yet you can see them!

Look up at the stars, and try to appreciate how distant these tiny dots of light actually are.

Watch a river flowing by, or watch waves crashing against the shore. Appreciate the power in the water and realize how water and wind has helped shape the landscape.

Walk along a crowded street and notice how unique every person is. There are millions and millions of people on the Earth, yet everyone is an individual.

When you get home, take a long look in the mirror and see how unique you are. Be thankful for who you are, and what you are able to do.

Everything on the Earth is truly amazing!


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