Are You Setting Goals That You Could Never Achieve?

Are you setting goals that you could never achieve?

Many people set unrealistic goals which set them up for failure. Unfortunately, when people experience failure, they are less likely to set further goals.

When setting your goals, you must be honest with yourself and you must be realistic. The goals you set yourself must be achievable. Let us take the example if you are setting a goal to lose weight. You hop on the scales and decide that you will need to lose 50lbs. That is all well and good. There is no problem with that – this is a fact.

The problems arise however when you decide on the time frame to lose the excess weight. It would be wonderful to be able to lose 10 lbs a week, but that is not physically possible! So please take some time to come up with a completion date that is realistic and achievable. Set your goal to lose 2 – 3 lbs a week, and if you lose more, then this would be a fantastic bonus!

Taking this prediction into account, it would take between 17 and 25 weeks to get down to your target weight. This is certainly achievable. Don’t try to convince yourself that this is far too long a time period to achieve your goal. Remind yourself that in 25 weeks you could potentially put on a further 50lbs, so you could be 100 lbs heavier than you are now!

The important thing is to act right now to not only stop you gaining more weight, but to lose a significant amount. Always look at the benefits and at all of the positive aspects of achieving your goal. Focus on the finishing line, and don’t dwell on the work that you need to do. The harder the work is to accomplish the goal, then the more satisfaction you will derive from achieving it!


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