How I Can Help You

I help older women to design, create and enjoy an amazing quality of life!

I want to help you achieve a fantastic quality of life, through being as physically, mentally and emotionally healthy as you can be!  

Imagine being able to start each day with a purpose, and to look forward to what lies ahead.   Meet life’s challenges with energy and excitement.

Remember what it felt like to be a little girl, when you were on a never-ending journey of discovery and adventure?

Jan Malloch Motivation and Energy Coach


Let me show you how to enjoy great health through making better food choices and making time for physical activity.  Discover how to foster a positive attitude and to keep yourself motivated and energised.  

I can also help you to keep your mind active and alert through resources focusing on brain training and learning new skills.  Or if you want information on ways to boost your income, then I can help with that too!  

Let me help you to design, create and enjoy an amazing quality of life!

Contact me right now to find out how I can help you to radically transform your health and well-being.